Open Offices vs. Cubicles

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Open Offices vs. Cubicles

It’s no secret that the cubicle is quickly becoming a more rare sight within modern office spaces. In fact, one study showed that over 70% of offices in America have adopted a new layout for their offices – the open-concept. The idea of this floorplan is to encourage collaboration and improve productivity. The problem though, is that open offices are creating the opposite effect than their original intention.

Open offices are meant to encourage collaboration and create an easy flow of ideas between teams. In recent studies, open-concept offices have created a less productive and often more distracting office environment. 

The Biggest Issue with Open Offices – Distractions.

One of the biggest impacts on productivity is the number of interruptions and distractions that occur within a workday. Employees often require a peaceful, quiet office in order to best utilize time & resources. With the open-concept office space, it’s nearly impossible to achieve the distraction-free environment required. 

There is also the factor of zero privacy. Open offices offer no ‘escape’ for employees looking to take a private business call or discuss matters with a small team without impacting their coworkers’ workflows. When you eliminate privacy & distraction-free areas to work, employees can become less productive.

The Best of Both Worlds: Privacy & Collaboration

A good way to get the best of both worlds is to create areas that are distraction-free and encourage productivity, while also offering places to meet and discuss creative ideas & solutions. This can help employees generate the best possible concepts while also reaching productivity goals without unnecessary distractions and noise. 

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