Open Office Spaces Top 5 Advantages

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Open Office Spaces Top 5 Advantages

If your office still looks like the set of The Office with drab colors and boxy cubicles, it may be time for a fresh, updated look. Many companies are now utilizing open-plan offices that are light, airy, and sociable. Employees no longer have to gather around the water cooler to share ideas and feedback with one another, instead, they can easily turn to the desk next to them or chat across the table. Here are five reasons you should consider adopting an open-office plan. 

1. Increased Collaboration 

Open offices naturally improve collaboration and communication between coworkers. When colleagues are sitting near each other instead of confined to private offices or cubicles, communication happens organically outside of structured meetings or online chat platforms. The removal of physical barriers helps employees feel more connected to their team while promoting faster and easier conversation and problem-solving among coworkers. 

2. Environmentally Adaptable 

Another key advantage of open offices is that they are adaptable to fit ever-changing employee needs. Open-office plans can include not just collaborative desks or tables, but also couches, comfortable armchairs, and stand-up desks. Coworkers can easily rearrange desks to accommodate an impromptu roundtable discussion or slide over to a teammate’s desk for coffee and presentation review. As work becomes increasingly mobile with cell phones, laptops, and tablets, it’s important that the physical setting of the office can conveniently change when needed. 

3. Cost-Effective 

Open-plan offices are far more space-efficient than traditional offices, so employers can save money on overhead by renting and furnishing a smaller building. An open-plan office can save a considerable amount of money as it costs an estimated $36,000 less to set up than a cubicle-based office. The savings on overhead costs are especially important for startups or mom-and-pop shops, but open-plan offices are also favored by corporate giants like Facebook and Google for the many benefits they offer. 

4. Aesthetically Pleasing 

An aesthetically pleasing, well-designed open office will help attract potential hires, customers, and clients. Open-office plans have become very popular with Millennial and Gen Z employees, and many businesses want to appear “hip” to these important demographics. Since one’s work environment has a significant impact on mental health and productivity, it’s important to select an office plan that is an enjoyable space in which to spend eight hours a day.   

5. Transparent Culture 

Open office spaces help create a sense of transparency within the company and contribute to positive company culture. Gossip and secrets are reduced when employees are working in the same room together, which can create better work and social environment. Open-plan offices become even more transparent when CEOs and other managers can work alongside employees instead of being segregated into a separate wing or office. This helps make the management team feel more accessible to employees as they can be present with coworkers to help immediately tackle problems or address concerns. 

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