Remote Work has 5 Benefits

remote work

Remote Work has 5 Benefits

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has required companies to temporarily close their offices and instruct employees to work from home, remote work has many benefits. For some employers, remote work has proven so successful that they’ve decided to allow employees to continue working from home even after it’s safe to return. According to a recent study, almost 43% of Americans say they want to continue working from home after the pandemic is over. Read on for five proven benefits of working remotely. 

1. Flexible Schedule 

One of the key benefits of remote work is that it allows for a flexible schedule. When employees aren’t tied to the traditional 9-5 work hours, it’s easier for them to make doctor’s appointments, pick the kids up from daycare or school, and run errands. This results in a better work-life balance for employees, particularly families and students. A flexible schedule helps employees feel more in control of their time, leading to improved job satisfaction. 

2. Increased Productivity 

Many employers cite productivity as their main concern with remote work, fearing that without supervision, employees will spend their time surfing the web or watching TV instead of concentrating at their desks. However, studies have shown that the majority of employees are just as productive working from home as they are in the office, if not more so. As long as employees are meeting deadlines, participating in conference calls, and completing tasks as needed, employers can rest easy that work is still being accomplished.   

3. Lower Stress 

If you’ve ever commuted into the office, you know that the long drive through traffic jams, accidents, and construction can wear down your nerves before the workday has even started. Stressed just thinking about it? You’re not alone. On average, Americans spend 200 hours per year commuting, or roughly thirty minutes each day. Remote work takes out the unnecessary step of a long commute, resulting in reduced stress levels and a more enjoyable workday.

4. Employee Retention

The option to work from home has become an important factor in employee retention. Studies show that 75% of employees list remote work or a flexible schedule as an effective non-monetary strategy for retaining employees, and 80% of American workers report that they would decline a job offer if the company didn’t have a flexible hours policy. Offering the option for employees to work remotely part-time or full-time gives companies an important edge in today’s competitive job market. 

5. Reduced Cost  

Remote work is significantly more cost-effective for both employees and employers. Instead of spending money for the overhead of rent or mortgage, utilities, furniture, and parking, employers can channel funds directly into their business product and employee salaries. Remote employees who elect to work from home part or full-time can also save money. Working at home instead of commuting causes less wear and tear on your car, and you can also take an expensive professional wardrobe off of your shopping list. 

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